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Fallout 4 Honey Badger

Fighting them can be complicated due to their fast speed and small size, which makes them very hard to hit, especially when using arrows. The same fact, however, makes badgers surprisingly effective when luring them to enemy outposts: they distract soldiers for a long time and can even assault foes before being killed. Overall, these highly dangerous creatures should not be taken lightly.

fallout 4 honey badger


The Nirvana comparisons are probably the most common particularly with Eddy's haircut! Joking aside, the strong chemistry in the Honeybadger family lends to our high energy mix of punk and grunge that speaks to the frustration facing us as a generation. We would say we make rock music with heavy punk and grunge influence. We make tunes to lose yourself to, whether on the road or in the moshpit - we always keep the energy levels set high. We write songs to jam out to and our ethos is about not taking things too seriously and having some fun with it! We've crafted a wild and heavy sound for a three piece, with distorted guitars and bass that drive the harmonies and lightning drumming that propels you right to your feet!

2) Who or what influences you and your band's writing?Nirvana is definitely a big one for us as mentioned earlier but we also take heavy influence from early Arctic Monkeys, Queens of the Stone Age, White Stripes and Slaves who were all ever present during our youth. As we've matured, we've begun to listen to more and more different types of music, in particular Joe (the drummer) and I are big reggae and dub fans. While perhaps not directly influenced by this, we all have a range of genres we listen to such as jungle/drum & bass, rap and soul (amongst many others) which definitely have some smaller influence than our more obvious rock counterparts. One of this is an (as of yet) unreleased track where Joe raps most of the second verse, so I like to think we take the best bits from everywhere and try and see what fits with the Honeybadger sound.

Well originally, we were going to film a music video in the Brighton area but due to the lockdown in 2020 we had to decide to either fully animate or scrap it for the foreseeable future as we couldn't meet each other or the director of the project due to the restrictions. We knew we wanted at least part of it animated but we were excited when the artist, our good friend Tristan Flear, offered to animate the whole thing. It took nearly a year to complete and was totally worth it - watching it grow frame by frame was a magical process for sure and we can't be more grateful to Tristan. At Honeybadger we really appreciate the other arts and we try to reflect this with our single art so far where each time we have commissioned something from a local artist. Art is at its best when it transcends a singular medium to create a better experience, like how music supports the visual aspects of film or games to create an experience you wouldn't get without it and we try to take that approach with our releases where we can. We also love supporting our friends and working together to inspire each other in our respective art forms and make the experience of creating art more enjoyable. It's also about supporting your fellow creators financially as we're all struggling out here!

This one is a blinder that we wrote in only a couple of sessions and we're so excited for everyone to hear it. Like we mentioned earlier Honeybadger is all about the energy and we were trying to write something that speeds you along at breakneck pace - and we think it does just that. Following up in a similar vein to our last single "Take Me Away" we wanted to write more tunes that have that electric energy that get the crowd going for our live shows - and it sure delivers on that front.

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Honey beasts are ordinary honey bees that have undergone severe mutations due to radiation. Normal-sized bees construct hives upon their backs and help defend the honey beast. They can typically be found in the Forest, the Mire and the Toxic Valley.

The honey beast is a mutated honey bee. It dwarfs a typical human in size, and features large beehives on its thorax that ooze honey. Due to its sheer size and stubby, severely frayed wings, it can no longer fly. As such, it moves around on the ground, although it can also walk on walls.

Honey beasts move slowly, and when engaging with hostiles, they will release bee swarms from the hives on their backs causing an easy distraction for the beast to make its attack. They attack slowly but powerfully and can cause immense damage if they manage to lock the player character into a stagger. Fire and cryogenic weapons do not inflict additional damage to the honey beast.


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