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The Silent Service

Because they stay hundreds of feet underwater for months at a time, it can be hard for deployed submariners to stay in touch with their loved ones while they serve in the depths of the sea. Though there are ways to email and deliver letters to these service members while they are underway, it is very difficult for them to maintain consistent communication with their loved ones while they are deployed.

The Silent Service


Navy Hospital Corps service members work as medical professionals on submarines, vessels and out in the field alongside sailors and marines. To celebrate their anniversary, here are seven facts about the United States Navy Hospital Corps that you need to know.

The detective, in charge of the inspection service's congressional and public affairs, shopped a film concept about the inspectors in Hollywood. Doors slammed. Agents scoffed. "The image of the postal employee was what you saw on 'Cheers' with a guy like Cliff Clavin," said Mihalko, who began his career 27 years ago delivering mail in Johnstown, Pa.

Mihalko is one of 2,000 inspectors, all of whom have four-year college degrees and are duly trained-and-sworn, weapons-carrying federal law enforcement agents. If the post, phone or fax moves it, they police it: bombs, child pornography, narcotics, solicitations for sham services to senior citizens. If a postal carrier is assaulted or assaults--Mihalko chafes at the phrase "going postal"--they investigate. The postal inspectors, who average 10,000 arrests a year, often work with other federal agencies and consumer protection groups.

Whether you offer specific silent services or shushed versions of every service, you want to draw attention to this new offering. Create a Booking Page pop-up to raise awareness as soon as visitors click through and gain an edge over your competitors.

SILENT SERVICE BLEND is a blend of medium Panama giving it a deeper, robust flavor and light Costa Rica giving it a silent powerful burst of flavor. Great for any Bubblehead standing the watch, or that civilian wanting to taste that deep water Navy flavor!

The moniker "Silent Service" comes from the way the force operates, according to the USO. Submarines can submerge more than 600 feet below the ocean's surface for up to four months at a time, constantly patrolling and working classified missions, which means they can't be seen or heard, but are always silently under the sea doing important work. 350c69d7ab


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