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Wild Bill

His parents also operated a station along the Underground Railroad, where they smuggled slaves out of the South. During this time, the lean and wiry young man got his first taste of hostile gunfire when he and his father were chased by law officers who suspected them of carrying more than just hay in their wagon. Bill became enamored with guns and began target practice on small wildlife around the farm. His romantic notions of the Wild West never sat very well with his father, but despite the protests, Bill became locally recognized as an outstanding marksman even in his youth.

Wild Bill

The Countering Untrusted Telecommunications Abroad Act would require the State Department to report on U.S. collective defense allies using untrusted telecommunication equipment or services in their 5G networks, mandate a report on telecommunications vulnerabilities in U.S. embassies overseas, and direct the Secretary of State to identify key telecommunications infrastructure projects designed to promote U.S. national security. The legislation would also require publicly traded companies to disclose whether they have contracted to use untrusted telecommunications equipment or services covered under the bill. 041b061a72


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