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How to Get the Soulful Sound of Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt

How to Get the Soulful Sound of Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt

If you are a fan of Alicia Keys and her signature piano sound, you might be interested in getting her virtual instrument, Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt. This is a sample library that recreates the sound of her own Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano, which she used on many of her hit songs and albums.

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Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt was developed in cooperation with Alicia Keys herself, her engineer Ann Mincieli, and sample specialists Thomas Skarbye and Ernest Cholakis. It features almost 3,000 individual samples in 12 velocity layers, with and without pedal, capturing the warm, soulful and inspiring sound of the C3 Neo down to the finest nuances.

In this article, we will show you how to get and use Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt, and what makes it different from other piano libraries. We will also give you some tips on how to play piano like Alicia Keys and achieve her unique style.

How to Get Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt

Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt is part of the Komplete bundle from Native Instruments, a collection of software instruments and effects for music production. You can buy it separately for $99 USD, or get it as part of Komplete 13 Select for $199 USD, which includes 11 other instruments and effects.

To use Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt, you will need a free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt. Kontakt is a powerful sampler that allows you to load and play various sample libraries with different sounds and features. You can download Kontakt Player for free from the Native Instruments website.

Once you have Kontakt Player or Kontakt installed, you can download and install Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt from the Native Access app, which is a tool that manages your Native Instruments products and updates. You will need to create an account and register your product with your serial number to activate it.

How to Use Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt

After installing Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt, you can load it in Kontakt Player or Kontakt by browsing to the library tab and clicking on its icon. You will see a simple interface with a photo of Alicia Keys and her piano, and some controls to adjust the sound and performance.

The main control is the volume knob, which lets you adjust the overall level of the piano. You can also use the mod wheel on your MIDI keyboard to control the volume dynamically. Next to the volume knob, there is a tone knob, which lets you adjust the brightness or darkness of the sound. You can also use the expression pedal on your MIDI keyboard to control the tone.

Below the knobs, there are four buttons that let you turn on or off some features that affect the realism and character of the piano. The first button is for pedal noise, which adds the sound of the sustain pedal being pressed and released. The second button is for release noise, which adds the sound of the keys being released. The third button is for sympathetic resonance, which simulates the effect of undampened strings resonating with each other. The fourth button is for mechanical noise, which adds the sound of fingers hitting keys.

You can also access more settings by clicking on the wrench icon at the bottom left corner of the interface. This will open a panel where you can adjust more parameters such as tuning, velocity curve, reverb, EQ and compression. You can also save and load presets from here.

What Makes Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt Different

Alicia Keys Piano Kontakt is not just another piano library. It is a faithful recreation of Alicia Keys' own piano, which has a distinctive sound and feel that suits her music. Here are some of the features that make it stand out from other piano libraries:

  • It was sampled from Alicia Keys' own playing, recorded in her studio under her supervision. This means that you get not only her piano sound, but also her touch and expression.

  • It has a warm, soulful and inspiring sound that embodies her trademark style. It has a rich low end, a smooth midrange and a clear high end. It sounds great for R&B, soul and pop genres.

It has a realistic and lively feel that responds to your playing. It has 12 velocity layers per key, with and without pedal 0efd9a6b88


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