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Sprint Layout 6.0 Magyarl

Summary: Agile scrum artifacts are information that a scrum team and stakeholders use to detail the product being developed, actions to produce it, and the actions performed during the project. The main agile scrum artifacts are product backlog, sprint backlog, and increments.

Sprint Layout 6.0 Magyarl

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Agile scrum artifacts are information that a scrum team and stakeholders use to detail the product being developed, actions to produce it, and the actions performed during the project. These artifacts provide metadata points that give insight into the performance of a sprint. They are essential tools for every scrum team since they enable core scrum attributes of transparency, inspection, and adaption.

The sprint backlog is a set of product backlog tasks that have been promoted to be developed during the next product increment. Sprint backlogs are created by the development teams to plan deliverables for future increments and detail the work required to create the increment.

The sprint backlog is updated during the sprint planning phase of scrum. The smaller sprint tasks are assigned to the relevant teams like design and development. If a team does not have the capacity to deliver all the sprint tasks, the remaining sprint tasks will standby in the sprint backlog for a future sprint.

A product increment is the customer deliverables that were produced by completing product backlog tasks during a sprint. It also includes the increments of all previous sprints. There is always one increment for each sprint and an increment is decided during the scrum planning phase. An increment happens whether the team decides to release to the customer. Product increments are incredibly useful and complementary to CI/CD in version tracking and, if needed, version rollback.

A sprint burndown (or burnup) chart is not an official scrum artifact but many teams use it to communicate and track progress toward the sprint goal during the sprint. Burndown charts are graphs that display tasks completed over the duration of a sprint. Burndown charts are very useful in helping to gauge the active execution velocity of a team so they know whether they will complete what is planned or need to reprioritize the sprint tasks.

During sprint planning, teams can look at previous burndown charts to get an idea of how many tasks they can realistically complete in an upcoming sprint. Teams can examine in progress burndown charts to identify whether they are on target to successfully complete the sprint. During the sprint review, teams can revisit the burndown chart to see where they hit or miss expectations. Over time burndown charts help teams better refine their estimates during the planning stages of scrum.

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