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Quemadura Electrica Manejo Pdf Free BETTER

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Quemadura Electrica Manejo Pdf Free

The McGregor inguinal flap technique avoids the use of local vascularization in cases of high-voltage electrical burns. In the study of Zhao et al., authors concluded that free anterolateral thigh flaps with a single-perforator pedicle were effective and reliable therapeutic interventions for the management of severe high-voltage electrical injuries on the extremities. However, they emphasized that the use of an exhaustive microsurgical technique with a prolonged time of surgery is essential to achieve optimal results (average time of the surgical operation was 314.6 minutes). Only 7 out of 12 patients presented lesions in the upper limbs and not all donor sites could directly close, resulting in grafts of skin directly [10]. In our study, most cases of flap lifting, closure of the donor area, and fixation of the flap did not last more than one hour; the average time was 56 minutes. There was no problem in closing the donor area.


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