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Fujifilm X-T200 Leaked Images Show Off Its Vlogging Camera Potential

The Fujifilm X-T200, which will succeed the entry-level X-T100 mirrorless camera, looks to have now fully leaked, with a range of what appear to be official images and specs released by the Japanese site Nokishita (opens in new tab).

Fujifilm X-T200 leaked images show off its vlogging camera potential


The first leaked images of the Fujifilm X-T200 have emerged, and they've bolstered early rumors that the beginner mirrorless camera will be even more of a vlogging-friendly all-rounder than its predecessor.

Well, the first leaked images said to show the X-T200 have now emerged from the usually reliable Japanese site Nokishita (opens in new tab), and they show it in full vlogging mode, with an external microphone sitting in the hotshoe.

That change to the screen design could prove controversial for those who enjoyed the X-T100's slightly less fiddly affair, and the leaked images also suggest the X-T200 will still need a 2.5mm microphone adaptor; but otherwise its all-round improvements suggest it's shaping up to be a fine vlogging camera.

This could potentially make it a great option for those who need one camera that can manage both vlogging and smartphone-beating stills shooting. The viewfinder is essential for shooting in bright conditions, and Fujifilm's X Series has arguably the best range of lenses of any APS-C sensor camera, with a new XC 35mm f/2 lens likely to be announced at the same time as the X-T200.

Many of the latest vlogging cameras include additional features like flat color profiles, articulating touchscreens, built-in ND filters and, in Sony's case, a 'product showcase' feature that's ideal for those who run a YouTube channel from home. If available, we test all of these functions to see how they fare compared to their closest rivals, then wrap up our conclusions based on our various impressions of the camera's build quality, design, video quality, audio quality and features.

A very sad review by DpReview.We have the first new Canon sensor in a few years. What about dynamic range? Where's the great RAW dynamic range test you guys developed? I checked your ISO Invariance tool, it's better buy still falls short of Sony's. Is that why did you decided not to include it in the first test of a new Canon sensor? Shutter shock blurs images. Great! So that flaw didn't escape your notice, but you decided not to include a picture to show its effect in your review. Autofocus tracking. The camera can manage 14 fps. But you decided to only show the nearly perfect test of 7FPS, while warning us that at 14fps, the tracking was worse.Electronic shutter. Why not tell us how it performs at 30 fps RAW burst? You did warn us of a very slow readout and rolling shutter. Why not any image to show its extent?


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