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Nibiru Age Of Secrets Patch

Martin Holan, our game's alter ego, is an archeologist reluctantly slogging through a pile of backlogged archives. But his true area of expertise is seeking mysterious relics and archeological finds in the wilds of the earth. Suddenly, he is rescued from his paperwork by an urgent call from his uncle, Professor Wilde, a noted though eccentric scholar. Martin learns there has been a fantastic discovery in the heart of Bohemia. Highway construction workers stumbled across an old tunnel and underground facility, built by the Nazis during World War II and used for mysterious "scientific" research. What they were doing there is a mystery, but Wilde is convinced it is related to the unknown planet Nibiru, and may hold the answers to ancient secrets, unimagined power, and proof of alien visitations. Yes, you heard me -- the aliens were here and Martin has a mission to find the proof. With a quick stop in Marseilles for equipment and vital information, our daring explorer is soon on his way to Prague for a midnight rendezvous with an inside contact. Of course, everything goes wrong; his contact never shows and Martin is left to his own resources to infiltrate the underground Nazi complex, breach its securities, and uncover clues vital to his quest. In classic Indiana Jones style, the game sends Holan on a global trek, racing against time and a determined nemesis and his henchmen.

Nibiru Age Of Secrets Patch

Download Zip:

In November 2021, a Replica of the Nebra Sky Disc was launched to the International Space Station on the Crew-3 mission, taken by German astronaut Matthias Maurer. Maurer, who is part of the European mission Cosmic Kiss, designed the mission's patch with inspiration from the Nebra Sky Disk, as well as the Pioneer plaques and Voyager Golden Records that were sent into the unknown carrying messages from Earth.[60]

* Fable: The Lost Chapters* Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy* Falcon 4.0: Allied Force* Fantastic 4* Far Cry (Try patching first. 3D Analyze, VendorID= 4098, DeviceID= 20040)* F.E.A.R. (Patch v1.01 to v1.08 required) + Extraction Point* F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate* FIFA 2003* FIFA 2004* FIFA 2005* FIFA 2006 + Road To World Cup* FIFA 2007* FIFA 2008* FIFA 2009* FIFA 2010* FIFA Manager 2006* FIFA Manager 2007* FIFA Manager 2008* Final Fantasy VII* Final Fantasy VIII (If it seems bad, dont think it's the card, this game only runs at 640 x 480 with bad quality textures)*Fallout 3 ( =printpage;topic=6927.0)* FlatOut* FlatOut 2 (With low resolution, it runs without lag)* Football Manager 2007* Football Manager 2008* Football Manager 2009* Football Manager 2010* Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (smooth in high quality)* Freedom Fighters* Freelancer

* Gangland* Garry's Mod* Gish (works with stock drivers in Windows 7)* Gothic* Gothic 2* Gran Turismo Racing 2* Gran Turismo Racing: Revolution* Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City* Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas* Grand Theft Auto: Vice City* Grandia 2 (only under XP)* Great Battles Rome* Grim Fandango (Requires newest patch, or it will run in hyperspeed)* Grom: Terror in Tibet* Ground Control 1* Guild Wars*Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock (v1.3 patch and 3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL, force SW TnL, disable lighting, force low precision pixel shader,emulate other DX8.1 caps, performance mode and Vendor ID: 4318 Device ID: 816) (You can find tweaks for GH3 in google)*Guitar Hero Aerosmith (Alpha Drivers + IDAMT 2.0) (Min 20 fps(when show all the crowd) and Max 55 fps(when shows only one person))* Gun

* Half-Life* Half-Life: Source (Software Vertex)* Half-Life 2 (Software Vertex)* Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (Software Vertex)* Half-Life 2: Episode One (May crash in some cases, unknown reasons) (Software Vertex)* Half-Life 2: Episode Two (Windows Vista/7) (May crash in some cases, unknown reasons too) (Software Vertex)* Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (Software Vertex)* Halo: Combat Evolved* Halo: Custom Edition* Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire* Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince* Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Windows Vista + Default Drivers + Addgame.reg tweak) (945G Will run normally)* Hellgate: London (Edit config in My Documents for lower resolutions)* Heroes of Might and Magic III + Expansion* Heroes of Might and Magic V (Patch up to 1.6 will solve all problems regarding crashing to desktop also officially remove the CD/DVD check. Note: There will be minor graphical glitches present if run normally. Use 3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL, for better view. Try check force shader 1.1 in 3DA)* Heroes of Might and Magic V Tribes of the East (v3.0 Stand alone, no patch needed Windows Vista and XP)* Hidden & Dangerous* Hidden & Dangerous II + Expansions* Hitman 2: Silent Assassin* Hitman 3: Contracts* Hitman 4: Blood Money (3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL - lags badly and textures corrupted-game runs but unplayable)* House of the Dead 1* House of the Dead 2* House of the Dead 3 (Win7 and MD 1.1 + addgame + (0000,+0001,+0002).reg tweak for hod3pc.exe)* Hulk* Hunting Unlimited 2010* Hydro Thunder

* Team Fortress 2 (Software Vertex) (Windows Vista and Modded Drivers.Type vertices 1024 command in console to obtain playable FPS)* Terminator 3: War of the Machines (a bit laggy on Win7)* Terrorist Takedown 2* The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Windows Vista + Default Drivers + 3D Analyze 2.26)* The Club* The Cosen: Well of Souls (Rpg)* The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind + Expansions (Everything on Maximum. Sometimes laggy in town. Win7 + MD 1.1)(945G- Perfect in all settings high + Stock Drivers)* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion + Expansions (best to play with oldblivion but if you don't want to play with oldblivion change these settings on your ini =faq#q13 )* The Fall: Last Days of Gaia* The Godfather* The Guild + Expansions* The Guild 2* The Hell in Vietnam* The Hobbit* The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth I* The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II + Expansion (The Rise of the Witch King)* The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring* The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Software Vertex)(Help provided on Intel site and also works with 3D Analyze)* The Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring* The Simpsons: Hit & Run* The Sims + Expansions* The Sims 2 + Expansions* The Sims 3 (All low quality) (945G you can set Sim Details and Texture Quality to Medium, won't do any harm)* The Suffering* The Suffering: Ties That Bind* The Thing* The Westerner* The Witcher (Windows Vista/7 + Modded Drivers)* Thief 3: Deadly Shadows* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08* Toca Race Driver* Tom Clancy's HAWX (3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL, force SW TnL or Modded drivers with a registry value of 1 on HAWX.exe, playable with textures on low and highest resolution)* Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown (3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL, force SW TnL)* Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Raven Shield* Tomb Raider: Anniversary* Tomb Raider: Legend* Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Laggy on vista/1gig ram/modded drivers)* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3* Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4* Tony Hawk's Underground (Works perfectly)* Tony Hawk's Underground 2 (Some levels slightly laggy, mostly smooth)* Torchlight* Total Overdose* Trackmania Nations Forever (Higher FPS with Modded drivers or 3D Analyze)* Trackmania Sunrise / Trackmania Sunrise Extreme* Transformers: The Game* Trials 2 SE* True Crime: New York City (Runs using addgame.reg, inside buildings runs perfect/outside city runs a little slow)* True Crime: Streets of LA (Runs on vista, but game is very glitchy, (patch advised), Fps:15-20 using 1GB)* Turok: Evolution (3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL , force SW TnL, force 100hz)* Two Worlds (3D Analyze, force SW TnL)

* Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines (Systems with 2GB ram or more must use 3D Analyze v2.26 or game will crash)* Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption* Virtua Tennis 3 (Update to latest patch. Works smoothly on 1024x768 with all low)

* X3: Reunion (Update to the latest patch and use the addgame.reg Tweak)* XIII* XIII Century: Death or Glory (Win7 + Modded drivers)* X-Blades (Win7 + Alpha Drivers + IDAMT 2.0)* X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (Tested on Vista using default drivers and addgame.reg)* X-Men: The Official Game (3D Analyze, emulate HW TnL)* Xpand Rally Xtreme

It received four patches for bugs and glitches, but only three of them were live on the Internet. These patches were delivered to the deviantArt release and Patch 1.04 was on the 20th of March, just in time for the Newgrounds launch.


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