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7 Memorable April Fools Day  Jokes

It is important to note that not all offices are conducive to joking around during office hours. However, if you work in an office environment where joking is encouraged it can definitely be a great thing. I know that being able to joke with your coworkers and bosses can help build teamwork and camaraderie, which in turn boosts the overall office morale and productivity. With all of that said, the appropriateness of these jokes and pranks will depend on your workspace atmosphere. If you work in a more serious environment maybe you can just stick to telling a funny April fools day joke in the break room.

7 memorable April Fools’ Day  jokes

Although April Fools' Day isn't a Thai tradition, to begin with, every year businesses and brands have jumped on this good-natured humour bandwagon with their out-there ideas for products and services. And I must admit some of them are simply brilliant that I wish they were true. Here're a few memorable April Fools' Day jokes I wish they could just be real for your entertainment.


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