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Buy Bulk Hair Weave

Selling hair in bulk is now an attractive choice towards many people who are choosing a business to start and invest in. However, not many people know how to start wholesale reselling in the right way. In order to help you avoid taking risks as much as possible, now we will share all the most significant issues of bulk hair reselling. The post will be about general knowledge of bulk hair, potential markets of hair wholesaling, ways to choose and import hair as well as advice from hair experts.

buy bulk hair weave

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In South Africa, there is a tendency that the people here fancy Brazilian hair extensions. Many hair sellers make their fortunes just by selling this kind of hair. So, what is Brazilian hair extension and where to start your hair business with this type of hair? Below are our explanations and suggestions.

In case you still want to have a try with this kind of hair, we can recommend a very potential market in Africa. It is Johannesburg in South Africa. Johannesburg is a rich city centre in South Africa, so the buying power in general of this city is very big. People here still retain their interest in Brazilian hair. Therefore, if you buy hair in bulk and resell in this huge market, you may make your fortune!

As mentioned above, Brazilian virgin hair is very popular in South Africa, which is a giant and potential market for hair in bulk. In fact, it is also popular in many other countries.

So, what if you choose another kind of hair, another reliable hair human in bulk factory to distribute the hair to you? If you read the whole research that we share below, you will see that Vietnamese hair factories, whose hair is both high-quality and reasonable, are prestigious suppliers.

The special point of Vietnamese hair is that non-remy hair is never sold in the market. Knowing that non-remy hair is of low-quality, Vietnamese hair in bulk factories refuse to collect and sell this hair.

In Vietnam, K-Hair has been well-known for a long time as its hair is of great quality and all of the other factory elements are wonderful. More and more resellers are choosing K-Hair to be their long-term hair in bulk supplier. Therefore, we think that you also should be introduced to K-Hair.

Here is the price list of K-Hair factory, you can compare it with the price lists of Chinese and Indian hair in bulk above to see how reasonable it is for such a high quality. It is also a price list of natural straight hair with natural color, and the deal is also in kg. In addition, it will contain two more kinds of hair: single drawn and double drawn hair for you to have a wider choice.

In addition to providing you with clear policies of shipping, payment and returning, K-Hair is also willing to be the best partner in your hair business. The experienced sales staff are always willing to answer all of your questions and give you lots of useful advice.

However, remember that the price always goes with the quality. Chinese and Indian hair is cheaper due to its lower quality, and actually, the difference of prices among 3 countries is not huge at all. This indicates that in fact, the hair prices in China and India are not as cheap as they seem to be.

Chinese hair in bulk price list Above is the price list of a Chinese bulk hair factory. As mentioned very clearly above, it is the price list for 1kg of natural straight hair. The quality grade is 10A, which is one of the highest quality levels of Chinese hair. You can easily see that the first column shows how long the hair is and the second shows its corresponding price. For example, 1kg of hair 10 inch long costs $180.

Indian bulk hair price listSimilarly, above is the price of Indian super double hair. You can see that 1kg of hair 14 inch long is $260. The prices are even cheaper than those of Chinese factories. And the reason is, certainly its low quality.

And if you are interested in finding a thorough comparison of price as well as quality of more hair in bulk factories in the world, you consult this one: All truths about wholesale hair factories worldwide

Knowing that Vietnamese wholesale hair factories are good distributors, you need to learn about how to import hair beforehand. Below are 5 steps to import hair from Vietnam as well as some useful tips for you during the process of buying wholesale hair.

This step is very important, as you need to list all the hairstyles and their characteristics very carefully in order to avoid any mistakes. You need to make it clear about the hairstyles, quality grade, color, quantity and length.

Even when you have a certain trust towards the factory and decide to import its hair, you still need to be careful during the dealing process, especially for the very first ones. Below are some tips that you need to remember.

1. What is the most important for new hair in bulk resellers?Certainly, for a newbie in the hair business, building prestige is of the most concern. Therefore, in the beginning, you as a new hair reseller should try to import and supply qualified hair in bulk to build trust from your customers as well as to create a stable source of customers. So, what are the qualified hair extensions?

They are those of high grade quality like double drawn, super double or VIP hair. In the future, when your business is already much wider, and your groups of customers are also more diverse, you can consult other types of hair. Then, there will be other advice for your choice of hair!! In fact, you can find it here: Advice for wholesale hair resellers

Many new hair in bulk resellers just focus on how to sell the best quality hair to gain prestige and forget that customer care is of the same importance. Another reason is that, newbies in the hair business usually do not have many resources.

When ordering hair from a foreign country and buyer cannot visit the supplier to check the hair quality directly, checking the hair online is a good option. Checking hair quality online includes checking the hair pictures, videos and especially making video calls to check the real order quality.

Hair bundle weights are not always the same among different hair suppliers. Therefore, buyers need to make it clear for any order. Normally, one hair bundle weighs 100g (1 kg includes 10 hair bundles). However, rechecking with the supplier is necessary.

Indian raw hair and hair extensions are usually cheap and low-quality because the raw hair material is available, low-cost and low-quality. There are 2 main Indian hair sources. They are temple hair and hair ball. Temple hair is usually remy hair while hair ball is the low-quality non-remy hair.

Human hair is highly sought after for making extensions, braids, custom wigs and hair pieces. Because human hair is a coveted commodity with widespread usage, learning how to start a business selling human hair for weaving can be a profitable business. This type of hair is preferable to synthetic hair blends because it looks more natural and is more versatile, since it can be heat-styled without damage. If you want to become a supplier of human hair, there are several things you should consider before launching your business.

Learn about weaving and the various types of human hair available as well as the differences between synthetic and human hair weaves, so that you can better serve your customers. If someone wants to buy a 16-inch weft of remy hair, you don't want to hand her an 18-inch bulk bag of European hair because you don't know the difference. You also need to be able to advise customers on which hair is best for different types of extensions, wigs and braids. Read cosmetology and hair-care books, consult with licensed hairstylists and browse Internet hair-care forums to find out all you can about the products you plan to sell.

You can open a brick-and-mortar retail store or e-commerce shop or become a flea-market vendor. If you will be an online business and do not plan to open a physical store, you will need to also secure storage space that is free of dirt, dust and pets. A warehouse or commercial storage facility are options, but you can also use inexpensive, air-tight storage containers in a spare garage or closet. Human hair can either be hung up or laid flat. As long as it is not bent or twisted, you will not ruin it.

Set up wholesale accounts with manufacturers and brands of human hair, such as Bohyme, Milkyway or Saga. To get the lowest prices, you will likely have to work directly with international manufacturers rather than buy from a distributor in the United States because most human hair for weaving is gathered and produced in Asia.

Sell items that are typically needed to weave human hair, such as bonding glue, hair razors and weaving needles, to increase your profits. Odds are your customers will need to buy these items, so why miss out on the chance to make extra money? Many distributors of human hair also sell wholesale weaving supplies.

Offer discounts to salon professionals and cosmetology students to gain steady, repeat business. Such clients can be very valuable and you will make up the cost of the discount easily as they usually buy more hair at a time than regular customers. The discount you offer should be between 20 percent and 35 percent off retail price, depending on what is standard in your area.

If you have a physical store, get known in your community by producing or sponsoring a hair show, fashion show or related event. You can also donate hair or supplies to help make custom wigs for people who have lost their hair due to alopecia or cancer. Doing so will give a you a personal sense of satisfaction and may enable you to gain media coverage.

If you sell your human hair products online, set up and post frequently to social media accounts, start a blog that provides hair-styling tips or post ads on forums and websites frequented by your target customers. 041b061a72


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