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Watch Black Diamond Movie Online: A Documentary About the Exploitation of African Soccer Players

DiCaprio, the hero of the movie, plays Danny Archer, a bitter racist who clings to the good old days of pre-independence Zimbabwe, where he grew up. He calls himself Rhodesian, in defiance of the black majority rule that came with the end of the Apartheid-like system in Rhodesia (renamed Zimbabwe) in 1980.

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Moreover, according to the movie, there are no black women in Africa who utter more than two sentences -- either "help me, help me," as one is being kidnapped, or the solicitous proposition to offer sexual services by two women that DiCaprio's character passes on the street.

What better way to represent your eternal love and commitment than with this contemporary black titanium brushed finish wedding band. The interior has been gracefully fashioned in yellow gold, providing a striking contrasting look. The outer band contains six luxurious yellow gold plated stainless steel bezels, each containing a row of three beautiful black diamonds to complement its modern design.

I almost never catch these big time films when they make their initial debut, but keep their critical acclaim in the back of my mind when I'm trying to decide on what to watch next. "Blood Diamond" grabbed a lot of attention when it came out for it's stars DiCaprio and Hounsou, and I have to say, their team up was one of the more eclectic casting decisions I've come across. It reminded me a little of Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier in "The Defiant Ones", and if you think about it, that kind of described the main characters here as they pursue a large rare diamond amid rebel strife in the African country of Sierra Leone. My biggest takeaway from the film was just how brutal and uncivilized life can be in parts of the world we're unfamiliar with while we sit in our comfy living rooms watching stories like this unfold. As far as the action component of this picture goes, it's almost too intense with scene after scene engaging in hostile gunfights and brutal combat. The harrowing family ordeal of Hounsou's character is undeniably overwhelming, and given the odds it's miraculous that he makes it out of Africa alive, especially having found his son already brainwashed by his captors. This won't be a contender for a round the fireplace family movie night, but if you're in the mood for unrelenting action and suspense, you'll get your fill here.

"Blood Diamond" is the kind of action film that makes you think that 'a moment of love, even in a bad man, can give meaning to a life...' The film opens in Sierra Leone, 1999 when Civil war rages for control of the diamond fields…According to devastating reports, these stones are being used with both rebels and government forces to purchase more weapons and finance civil war… Danny Archercrazy for diamonds like everybody elsebelieves this pink gem holds his ticket out of this godforsaken continent… He is a smuggler, a former mercenary and weapons trader from Zimbabwe who bribes all, and supplies arms to both sides… He gets Solomon Vandycaptured by government troopsout of jail only because he overhears that the fisherman might have found a clear massive stone about the size of a bird's egg… Vandyforced apart from his family and sent off to work as a slave in the minefieldshas hided the enormous 100 carat diamond from his captors and buried it in a secret place within the jungle… His son Dia is taking away by a brainwashing militia called the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) turning him with lies, drugs, and liquor, into a cold-blooded murderer…Danny makes a deal to help the noble fisherman find his family if Vandy will lead him to the diamond… The majority of the story is their journey across the war torn country… Leonard DiCaprio is both ruthless and charming as the cynical soldier of fortune who knows an opportunity when it presents itself… But he also is aggressive and selfish willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants… He illustrates the black side of the dirty diamond trade… On his trek to find the stone, Archer's eyes are opened to some enduring values that surpass his own self-profit… Djimon Hounsou eventually realizes that Danny's connections and money are his only hope… He plays a helpless character totally passionate as the resolving and fiercely determined father desperate to learn the fate of his family…Connelly is an idealist who wishes to display corruption… She thinks that with Archer's help she can get a unique story line surrounding the civil war but also revealing corporate malfeasance and cover-up behind the diamond trade… It is also good to mention Arnold Vosloo in the role of Colonel Coetzee, head of the army unit also trying to claim the diamond… He's a great character actor and remains a powerful presence and one of the screen's most efficient scene-stealer… Nominated for five Oscars, "Blood Diamond" is an action, political adventure at its best!

Diamond smuggler Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) and journalist Maddy Bowen (Jennifer Connelly) are working in the chaos of Sierra Leone. Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) is a poor fisherman. His village is attacked, and his family is scattered. His son is pressed into fighting for the rebels. He is put into forced labor mining for diamonds. When he finds a rare pink diamond, he figures it's his way out.There is more than white people coming to fix black people problems. Most of it is due to Djimon Hounsou's powerful performance. Leonardo DiCaprio does a weird African accent, but I'm willing to overlook it. This movie has a grand scale. The refugee camp is big. The battles are surprisingly big. The subject matter is big. So it's very interesting that the best part of the movie is Solomon Vandy. The only drawback is that the story is too big. It's unbelievably big. Since this isn't 007, I like the story to be more realistic.

Black diamond engagement rings may have come of age when Mr. Big gave Carrie a 5 ct black diamond engagment ring at the end of the 2010 movie Sex in the City 2. They got more press when Carmen Electra and tattoo artist Kat Von D flaunted their black diamond engagement rings a couple of years later. Interest has continued to grow.

Natural-color black diamonds typically are completely opaque, with a high luster that gives the stones an almost metallic appearance. And because these diamonds are so heavily included, cutting and polishing them can be difficult. They also must be set with great care.

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Most of the black diamonds sold for jewelry and engagement rings have been treated to induce the color. Many begin as gray, heavily included and fractured diamonds that are subjected to high-temperature/low-pressure treatment, which graphitizes the fractures, turning them black. Artificial irradiation of off-color diamonds can also produce a green so dark the diamond appears black.

Keywords: sociology of literature, racism, white supremacy, mise-en-scene. Humans are social beings existing in different kinds of races. In this context, human beings interact with each other. Unfortunately not all of them can achieve equality because of differences in skin color. The film entitled Blood Diamond points out the racial conflict between Whites people and Black people.The research employs sociological approach in order to serve more detailed focus on the subject being studied. This approach directs the discussion to use racism theory that cover issue : white supremacy. For supporting the approach, this research using facial expression and stereotype to analyze and interpret the data. In this research, there are two problems of the study to be solved, (1) how is racism reflected in Blood Diamond movie, and (2) what are the characteristic of racism in Blood Diamond movie.This research reveals that because of their historical background, Blacks always face discrimination. However, Blood Diamond shows there are some actions from Blacks or Whites. The manifestation of racism in Blood Diamond movie becomes the object of this study. In this film, there are some interaction between Whites people and Blacks people. The researcher notes that there are some spesific racism shown in this movie. The characteristics of racism in this film are shown the superiority of Whites and Blacks. The superiority becomes identity of the Whites people toward black people. However, racism seems to be Whites stereotype toward Blacks. It is shown more clearly in the movie. The writer suggests the next researchers to analyze the movie from different perspective using other approach. Psychological approach, for example, This approach can be used to identify the psychological condition of the characters consisting two different races between Blacks and Whiters. It will be interesting to see psychological development of the characters influenced by racial issues between Blacks and Whites.


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