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anterior urethral and/or posterior urethral or prostatic urethral syphilis is seen in men and menopause is not a contraindication to therapy (17). the superior location of the prostatic urethra makes it a more common site of urethral involvement. urethral discharge is also more common in prostatic syphilis than in urethral syphilis.

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the impact of n. meningitidis rectal carriage on male sexual partner risk for infection has not been studied but is a possibility because about 50% of women with urethritis also are asymptomatic carriers of n. meningitidis in their rectum (756). n. meningitidis can also colonize other mucosal sites, including pharynx, conjunctiva, sinuses, and nasal passages (749). although conjunctival infections n. meningitidis occur at a rate similar to that of ocular gonococcal conjunctivitis (754), posterior uveitis, or optic neuritis in healthy men, conjunctival infection with n. meningitidis does not appear to be associated with the development of endophthalmitis or optic neuritis (746). however, in one study, n. meningitidis was isolated from three eyes of two patients who developed optic neuritis following n. gonorrhoeae ophthalmia neonatorum, suggesting a possible role for n. meningitidis in non-gonococcal cases of optic neuritis (746).

the effectiveness of cefixime has not been studied in treating genital chlamydial infection in women, but its use for treatment of urethritis is supported by the data from randomized controlled trials in men and women and by pharmacokinetic studies that have shown a wide and long exposure of urethral epithelium to a high concentration of drug (841). in contrast to tetracyclines, which are bacteriostatic, cefixime is primarily bactericidal. in light of the growing prevalence of m. genitalium and limited data on treatment efficacy and tolerability, alternative antibiotic regimens, such as doxycycline, should be considered. treatment is recommended for 3 months for m. genitalium infection in women, and a test of cure is recommended 3 months after therapy. treatment of m. genitalium infection in men is recommended for 6 months; testing of cure is optional (965).


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