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-1469 UNION ALL SELECT 34,34

We just upgrade Hive from 1.2.1 to 2.1.1, But the UNION command worked before just return missing EOF at 'select' near 'union'. It works when I use UNION DISDINCT but doesn't without DISTINCT keyword.

-1469 UNION ALL SELECT 34,34

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hive (dev)> select id from deantest union distinct select id from dean_test;WARNING: Hive-on-MR is deprecated in Hive 2 and may not be available in the future versions. Consider using a different execution engine (i.e. spark, tez) or using Hive 1.X releases.Query ID = yeruidian_20170922112411_4a370da1-efb3-4464-a2f1-0e84e06ef5b6

Even though you can create a union query by directly writing the SQL syntax in the SQL view, you might find it easier to build it in parts with select queries. You can then copy and paste the SQL parts into a combined union query.

Repeat steps 5 through 10 until you have copied and pasted all of the SQL statements for the select queries into the SQL view window of the union query. Do not delete the semicolon or type anything following the SQL statement for the last select query.

If you're very comfortable writing SQL syntax, you can certainly write your own SQL statement for the union query directly into SQL view. However, you might find it useful to follow the approach of copying and pasting SQL from other query objects. Each query can be much more complicated than the simple select query examples used here. It can be to your advantage to create and test each query carefully before combining them in the union query. If the union query fails to run, you can adjust each query individually until it succeeds and then rebuild your union query with the corrected syntax.

A common usage for a union query is to serve as the record source for a combo box control on a form. You can use that combo box to select a value to filter the form's records. For example, filtering the employee records by their city.

Now that you have a completed union query displaying each city name only once, along with an option that effectively selects all cities, you can use this query as the record source for a combo box on a form. Using this specific example as a model, you could create a combo box control on a form, set this query as its record source, set the Column Width property of the Filter column to 0 (zero) to hide it visually, and then set the Bound Column property to 1 to indicate the index of the second column. In the Filter property of the form itself, you can then add in code such as the following to activate a form filter using the value of what was selected in the combo box control:

Step 3 sorts the results of Step 4 and calculates the average, minimum, and maximum SAL values selected by the query for the EMP_GROUP_BY_DEPTNO view. Step 2 used the data from the previous two steps for a view. For each row returned by Step 2, Step 6 uses the DEPTNO value to perform a unique scan of the PK_DEPT index. Step 5 uses each rowid returned by Step 6 to locate the row in the DEPTNO table with the matching DEPTNO value. Oracle combines each row returned by Step 2 with the matching row returned by Step 5 and returns the result. Optimizing Compound Queries To choose the execution plan for a compound query, the optimizer chooses an execution plan for each of its component queries and then combines the resulting row sources with the union, intersection, or minus operation, depending on the set operator used in the compound query.

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