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Soft Vol. 1: The Best Free Album for Meditation and Yoga

How to Get Soft Vol. 1 for Free: The Ultimate Collection of Relaxing Music

If you are looking for a way to relax and unwind, you might want to listen to some soothing music. Music can have a positive effect on your mood, stress level, and overall well-being. But where can you find some good relaxing music for free?

One option is to download Soft Vol. 1, a compilation album of chill and soft music from various artists. This album features 10 tracks of ambient, chillout, lounge, and easy listening music that will help you create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You can listen to this album while working, studying, meditating, sleeping, or just enjoying some quiet time.

How to Download Soft Vol. 1 for Free

To download Soft Vol. 1 for free, you need to follow these steps:

soft vol. 1


  • Go to this website:

  • Click on the "Preview" button next to each track to listen to a sample of the music.

  • If you like what you hear, click on the "Free Download" button and save the mp3 file on your computer.

  • Repeat the process for each track you want to download.

  • Enjoy listening to Soft Vol. 1 for free.

How to Use Soft Vol. 1 for Relaxation

Using Soft Vol. 1 for relaxation is very easy and simple. Here are some tips on how to make the most of this album:

  • Choose a comfortable and quiet place where you can listen to the music without any distractions.

  • Adjust the volume to a level that is pleasant and not too loud or too soft.

  • Select the track or tracks that suit your mood and preference.

  • Close your eyes and focus on the music and your breathing.

  • Let go of any thoughts or worries that might interfere with your relaxation.

  • Enjoy the music and the feeling of calmness and peace that it brings.


Soft Vol. 1 is a great album for relaxation and stress relief. It contains 10 tracks of beautiful and soothing music that will help you relax and unwind. You can download this album for free from the link provided above.

If you like this album, you might also want to check out other albums from Soft Tempo Lounge, such as Chill & Soft Vol 2, Lounge 101, Easy Living, and more. You can find them on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

What is Soft Vol. 1?

Soft Vol. 1 is a compilation album of chill and soft music from various artists, released by Soft Tempo Lounge in 2010. Soft Tempo Lounge is a YouTube channel and a website that features music collections, playlists, and videos of lounge, easy listening, jazz, bossa nova, and other genres of relaxing music. The channel was created in 2007 and has over 18,000 subscribers and over 8 million views.

Soft Vol. 1 contains 10 tracks of ambient, chillout, lounge, and easy listening music that will help you create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The tracks are:

  • Anu Is Back by Mariano Escudero

  • Indigo by bconnected

  • So Strange by Mo'Bop

  • Jades From Heaven by Harri Kakoulli

  • The Leaves by Kosmos

  • Serious In Love by Trance Track One

  • I'm OK by Carlos Mantilla

  • Last Summer Days by Linha Boys

  • Pulsation Acoustique by Mr. Qwertz

  • Barefoot in the Park by Keith Mansfield

Why Listen to Soft Vol. 1?

Listening to Soft Vol. 1 can have many benefits for your mind and body. Here are some reasons why you should listen to this album:

  • It can help you relax and reduce stress. Music can have a calming effect on your nervous system and lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels.

  • It can improve your mood and emotions. Music can stimulate the release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that make you feel happy, positive, and motivated.

  • It can enhance your concentration and creativity. Music can help you focus on your tasks and block out distractions. It can also stimulate your brain waves and activate different regions of your brain that are involved in imagination and problem-solving.

  • It can improve your sleep quality and duration. Music can help you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper by relaxing your muscles and slowing down your breathing. It can also prevent or reduce nightmares and insomnia.

  • It can enrich your life and culture. Music can expose you to different styles, genres, artists, and cultures from around the world. It can also inspire you to learn more about music history, theory, and production.



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