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How to make a 30 minute Christmas Wreath under $15

Financial strain is affecting millions of people daily. I thought it would be great to find some ways to incorporate fun and budget during the holidays. Christmas Wreath making is a big business with ready made wreaths costing upwards of $100. My good friend and fellow service member, Tasha Escarment is going to tell you how to make a Christmas Wreath under $15.

5 recommended supplies for Christmas Wreath making:

1.Foam floral wreath rings - Dollar Tree

2. Scissors - most households have these (Dollar Tree)

3. Hot glue gun w/glue sticks- Walmart

4. Thick holiday ribbon - Dollar Tree

5. Holiday bows or any holiday decor - Dollar Tree

Now that you have all the supplies, let the fun begin. Tasha has been crafting for over 12 years, so it took her less than 15 minutes but a novice can make a Christmas Wreath in under 30 minutes. First find a large enough surface with a power supply. Next remove price tags for floral foam, ribbons, bows or holiday decor.

4 steps to 30 minute wreath making:

  1. Completely wrap your holiday ribbon around the foam wreath and cut ribbon (save the rest for step 4)

  2. Secure the ends of the ribbon using the hot glue gun.

  3. Attach your bow or holiday decor using the hot glue gun.

  4. Use the remaining ribbon to create a loop and secure it to the back of the wreath using the hot glue gun.

Tis the season for 30 minute wreath making under $15.

Christmas Wreath making can be a cost effective way of connecting with your family, staying on budget or managing your stress/anxiety during the pandemic.

Visit to learn more.

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